IATS CommunicATions

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The purpose of this committee is to help empower and promote professional growth for ATs across Iowa at local, state, district and national levels. Our efforts are focused on advocating for our members through public engagement, fostering organization-public relations through effective communications in support of the Executive Committee as well as the profession of Athletic Training, and disseminating pertinent information to members across multiple platforms. 


If you have information you want shared about upcoming events or learning opportunities in your area, efforts or achievements of ATs in your community, additional advocation opportunities or if you would like to get involved with the IATS CommunicATions Committee please fill out our request form and email our team at IATSPR@gmail.com



Committee Chair

Katie Berger MA, LAT, ATC                    Kathryn-staiert@uiowa.edu

Committee Members
Jessica Wooldridge MS, LAT, ATC         Jmarwoold3190@gmail.com

Chelsea Lowe MSE, LAT, ATC                Chelsea.lowe@uni.edu

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