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IATS Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Information on Proposed Update to IATS By-Laws and Policies and Procedures

  • Revised Bylaws document is a transposition of the original IATS Constitution.

  • Proposed Bylaws are revised to reflect more closely those of the MAATA while still being specific to IATS.

  • Proposed Bylaws now include the new position of Executive Director with position specifics.

  • Proposed Bylaws verbiage is modernized to better reflect current digital formats for IATS and MAATA operations.

  • Proposed Bylaws now occasionally refer to the Policies and Procedures document.

Proposed By-Laws explanation video by IATS President Jason Viel

Draft of Proposed By-Laws

IATS Summer Business Meeting - May 2020

IATS Business Meeting Minutes

IATS Business Meeting PowerPoint

MAATA - IATS Business Meeting - March 31, 2021

Business Meeting Recording

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