Young Professionals is now 2 separate Committees! 

Early Professional's Committee (EPC) 

Career Advancement Committee (CAC)

Committee Chairs

Savannah Dinger - EPC Chair

Savannah Dinger is currently contracted to Briar Cliff University, an NAIA school in Iowa, through CNOS which is a private orthopedic hospital. She received her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from Northwestern College in 2018. From there she went on to be a graduate assistant at the University of South Dakota and completed her Masters in Kinesiology and Sport Management in 2020. She is the chairman of the Early Professionals Committee for IATS and the state representative on the District 5 EPC committee. She is a new mom to the cutest little guy, Easton. She loves to adventure with her husband, Brady, and their two black labs, spend time outdoors, and attend sporting events around the country in their free time! 

Jess Rummery - CAC Chair


Jessica Rummery, a native Texan, went to Texas State University from 2008-2012 where she received her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training. She continued her education with a Master’s of Kinesiology with emphasis in Athletic Training from Illinois State university in 2014. Jessica has provided athletic training services to Bettendorf High School in Bettendorf Iowa for 7 years. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling with her husband, gardening, reading, and doing hot yoga. 

Early Professional Committee (EPC: 0-6 years of certification)


Advance, connect, support and encourage Athletic Trainers in the early stages of their career by fostering leadership, developing educational initiatives and promoting professional and ethical values.


Expected content and events:

Clinical and soft skills development workshops, networking webinars, social events.

The EPC will create educational opportunities and materials to support new professionals. In addition, the committee will engage academic programs in transitioning students members to certified members. 

The EPC will collaborate with other committees and national, district and state leadership to involve new graduates and create leadership development opportunities. The committee will promote leadership development programs and work to welcome new graduates into athletic training service and to help foster professional networking and mentorship.

Committee Members:

Kayla Tindall

Kayla Tindall earned her Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Northwestern College in May of 2018. Following graduation and passing her Board of Certification Exam, she began working at her alma mater as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for 2 years. During this time, she graduated with her Master of Science in Athletic Training degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in August of 2019. After completing her GA role at Northwestern, she was hired on full time for the 2020 school year and transitioned to a CNOS employee in January of 2021. Kayla currently works with the men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, and softball teams at NWC. She grew up in Akron, IA and graduated from Akron-Westfield High School.

Gwyneth Phillips

Gwyneth has been a certified athletic trainer for a little over a year. She works at Drake University in Des Moines and provides medical services to the men's soccer and women's rowing teams. She is fluent in American Sign Language and minored in ASL and Deaf Studies in Undergrad. When not working, she enjoys running, yoga, walking my dog, Toby and reading.  

Tokeca Kephart

Tokeca Kephart (pronounced Doe-Kay-Cha) who goes by Doe, is originally from Nebraska. Kephart is a 2015 graduate of Midland University with a degree in Human Performance and a concentration in Athletic Training. Following graduation, she worked as a direct support professional with adults with disabilities. Most recently, Kephart worked at Select Physical Therapy, working with both high schools in the Des Moines area and with the Des Moines Menace soccer team. She also served as a physician extender at an Orthopedic Surgeon’s office. Kephart earned her Masters of Athletic Training from Midland in 2019.

Career Advancement Committee (CAC: 7-12 years of certification)


Represent  the needs and concerns of Athletic Trainers in the 7th-12th year of their career in an equitable and inclusive environment across the state. We aim to support and encourage CAC Athletic Trainers through career advancement while also advocating for the athletic training profession in Iowa.

Expected content and events:

Work-life balance webinars, skills development workshops, Iowa job postings.

The CAC will develop educational sessions and materials to address issues around career satisfaction including salary negotiation, understanding benefits, value in the workplace and searching for jobs.

The CAC will collaborate with other committees to promote and develop resources focused on career skill development, workforce advancement and professional retention.

Committee Members:

Natasha Schmitter

Natasha Schmitter is an Iowa native, hailing from Wayland, IA. Schmitter graduated in 2010 from Western Illinois University with a degree in Kinesiology centered in Athletic Training. She has experience working in physical therapy clinics, high school outreach, and within an orthopedic surgeon’s office. Currently, Schmitter is employed at William Penn University where she has been working for 3 years. In her down time, she enjoys playing with her two daughters, reading and listening to music and podcasts.

Richelle Williams

Richelle Williams is an assistant professor at Drake University in Des Moines. She teaches in the department of athletic training and has a research focus on sport-related concussions and sports safety policies in the pediatric population. She is in her 12th year as a certified athletic trainer.

Katie Berger

Katie is an assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of Iowa where she works with the Women's Volleyball program and Iowa Spirit Squads. A Glenwood, IA native, Katie went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for undergrad where she earned her BS in Athletic Training in 2013 and then earned her Master's degree at the University of Iowa where she served as a graduate assistant with the track and field programs. In her spare time Katie enjoys working on house projects with her husband Tony, gardening, volunteering at the Iowa City Animal Center and spoiling their dog, Rusty.


May 31st, 2021- Virtual Resume Workshop with Brad Floy, PhD, LAT, ATC