Young Professionals

Committee Chairs

Savannah Tinklenberg - EPC

Jess Rummery - CAC

Early Professional Committee (EPC: 0-6 years of certification)


The primary objectives of the EPC is to advance, connect, support and encourage Athletic Trainers in the early stages of their career by fostering leadership, developing educational initiatives and promoting professional and ethical values.


Expected content and events:

Clinical and soft skills development workshops, networking webinars, social events.

The EPC will create educational opportunities and materials to support new professionals. In addition, the committee will engage academic programs in transitioning students members to certified members. 

The EPC will collaborate with other committees and national, district and state leadership to involve new graduates and create leadership development opportunities. The committee will promote leadership development programs and work to welcome new graduates into athletic training service and to help foster professional networking and mentorship.

Career Advancement Committee (CAC" 7-12 years of certification)


The primary objective of the CAC is to address issues affecting athletic trainers as they advance their careers from early professionals. This committee will focus on work-life balance, career satisfaction, career growth and professional retention.

Expected content and events:

Work-life balance webinars, skills development workshops, Iowa job postings.

The CAC will develop educational sessions and materials to address issues around career satisfaction including salary negotiation, understanding benefits, value in the workplace and searching for jobs.

The CAC will collaborate with other committees to promote and develop resources focused on career skill development, workforce advancement and professional retention.


May 31st, 2021- Virtual Resume Workshop with Brad Floy, PhD, LAT, ATC