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The Board and Commission Review Committee (BCRC) has suggested the elimination of the Board of Athletic Training in Iowa.  This would end licensure for athletic trainers in the state.

We implore ALL licensed athletic trainers in the state of Iowa follow these steps to communicate with legislators. Some are not aware this is happening!

Step 1:  Look up your state Senator and Representative where you live and where you work (

Step 2: Review talking points for supporting AT Licensure

  • Licensure is the standard regulatory practice for health care professionals, elimination will:

    • risk the health and safety of individuals ATs serve.

    • deter ATs from seeking employment in our state.

  • Members of the board are all volunteers, including physicians and athletic trainers.  Physicians provide direct supervision to ATs, which is why they are members.

  • The board evaluates AT scope of practice in the state. 

  • The board handles disciplinary action and evaluates new ATs moving to the state.

  • The board is self-sustaining, operating at no cost to the state.

Step 3:  Email or call your legislators​

Step 4:  Email using the talking points above OR call and use this phone script:

My name is … , I am an athletic trainer and one of your constituents in …. The BCRC has proposed the elimination of the Board of Athletic Training.  As a licensed healthcare provider, I am concerned about the impact of this proposal on the health and safety of the public. By eliminating AT licensure, it would allow untrained or unqualified individuals to pose as a healthcare provider. Please reach out to the committee members to maintain the Board of Athletic Training. I am happy to answer any questions, please contact me at …

Step 5:  PLEASE contact members of the IATS Executive Committee with any questions OR if you hear from your legislator. You can email for more information.

Step 6:  Spread the word - talk to your co-workers, employers, other ATs you know, friends, and family and tell them to repeat steps 1-4.

Proposed Mission and Vision Statement

Please take a few moments to review the proposed language for an updated mission and vision statement.  Please follow the link below to submit any feedback.

Please click here to submit feedback

Proposed Vision statement

Through advocacy and engagement, the IATS is committed to empowering Athletic Trainers in the State of Iowa to become an integral part of the inter-professional health care team. 


Proposed Mission statement

The IATS provides for direction, engagement, and professional development to Athletic Trainers in the state of Iowa.   


Possible organizational values







Iowa Health Professional Recruitment Program

  • Athletic Trainers were officially added to HF196

  • The program provides loan repayment benefits to individuals that practice in specified locations for up to four years. The maximum award for this program is $50,000, which is paid in four increments toward outstanding Federal Stafford Loan and Grad PLUS Loan balances at the end of each 12 month employment period
    Link and more info here


Atlas Iowa Initiative

Reminder to all secondary school ATs to continue to fill out KSI ATLAS survey.



BCRC is accepting Public comment until Sept 17th . Please submit comments in support of maintaining Iowa Board of Athletic Training to:


Thank You to Our Sponsors

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